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The Balderston family has been part of the farming community in Colora, Maryland since 1843. Originally the main industry
was dairy. The Second Generation planted a small orchard around 1910. Since 1973, Stephen Balderston, fifth generation,
has reengineered the farm into a full-time orchard, growing over a hundred acres of apples, peaches, and nectarines.

We are primarily a wholesale operation, and most of our produce is sold to supermarkets and other distributors. We also sell directly at our retail farm market stand.

As a farm that is dedicated to providing the best possible product to all our customers, we pick our fruit at optimal maturity to ensure long lasting freshness and the highest quality flavor. Since 2008, as one of the first orchards to receive the accreditation,
we have been certified through the MDA and USDA Food Safety Program, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Harmonized,
to continue our commitment toward food safety.

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