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Peaches & Nectarines - Harvest Schedule

We have over 20 varieties of peach trees. To simplify, they are broken down into categories of Yellow Peaches, White Peaches, and Yellow Nectarines, Clingstone or Freestone.

Yellow Peaches: Yellow and Red coloring, slightly more tart, but sweetens as it ripens and softens. Great to eat alone, also typically favored in baking or cooking.

White Peaches: Pale and Dark Red coloring, generally sweeter in flavor. Great to eat alone, can also be used in baking or cooking.

Clingstone: The pit, or stone, of the peach sticks to the flesh inside and takes a little more work to separate out. These are excellent to eat alone, but not preferred for baking or cooking. A few of our Yellow Peach varieties are cling or semi-cling.

Freestone: The pit, or stone, of the peach does not stick to the flesh inside and the fruit often comes right off from it! These are great for anything! Most of our Yellow Peach varieties and all of our White Peach Varieties and Yellow Nectarines are freestone.

Yellow Nectarines: Red and Yellow-Orange coloring, sweet flavor and typically a little more firm than a peach. No fuzz! That’s the biggest difference between peaches and nectarines. Also just as good for baking and cooking as eating alone!